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Perfect Dosing: now even easier...

Dosing is now even easier with the expansion of our Spice Jar range. We are adding two new 200 ml models to our extensive range. These jars have a 48SP400 neck finish, which is considerably wider than the usual neck diameters. In combination with the larger volumes, the new Spice Jars are highly suitable for many different product types. Finish off the Spice Jars with the custom-made flapper cap, supplied as standard with two dosing volumes. 
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Chic, distinctive and easy to produce!
PET Power is expanding its standard range of caps with very attractive 38SP400 & 45SP400 metal caps. These distinctive caps are easy to produce and have a particularly chic look. By printing the caps digitally, they have no seams or other irregularities and the underside does not contain a folded ring. The caps come standard with an EPE liner, but can also be fitted with a PS liner, an IHS liner for PET, without a liner or with a combination of an EPE and a PS liner. And they can be even nicer! The metal caps are now also available with full-colour printing. The minimum order quantity is the same for both models, namely 10,000 units. For a small additional cost, we can also emboss the caps. Want to know more about our cap innovations? 
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If you really believe in something, it's going to!
If anyone had told us in 2011 that the Plastic Whale Foundation fleet would consist of 12 boats within eight years, with 10 full-time and more than 40 part-time fishermen for plastics, we would, of course, have thought they were mad. In 2019, the Plastic Whale Foundation even offers a complete office furniture range! The Plastic Whale Foundation is not only working to make our canals and ditches plastic-free, but is also getting children and young people involved in our oceans' plastics problem. That's why we are proud to be one of the sponsors of the Plastic Whale schools project. Since its inception, more than 3,000 children have had a lot of fun cleaning up the Dutch waterways.
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the benefits of pet
It is not a coincidence that PET is the most widely used packaging material. Most people are already familiar with the combination of brightness and the high-quality glossy look, but there are many other reasons for choosing PET. 
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machine platform
The perfect PET manufacturer for both small and large quantities. PET Power has several types of machines, large and small. We will give separate recommendations for each product about which type of machine is the best for producing your product in terms of quality and price.
cleanroom production
A GMP class C Cleanroom of over 1,200 m² in the packaging world? PET Power can offer you this. From Clinch Vials to bottles of syrup and from Media to Veral bottles. The world’s largest collection of PET bottles and containers, manufactured in a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. 
Free concepts to inspire you!
Coming up with new models is one of the most marvellous challenges for our designers in their profession. Their inspiration often comes from (potential) customers, but just as often from market developments, daily irritations or just knowing that improvements are possible. We will share these inspirational concepts and models with you from now on in these newsletters. Does one of the concepts appeal to you? Then we’re more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Like having your own model for a particular market or product type. Click here for more information.
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