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Sustainable water bottle Vita Round
PET Power supplies a reusable standard Tritan™ drinking water bottle under the Zengo brand name. This 500ml Vita Round is already available on the basis of a minimum order quantity of one pallet (1,320 items) and can be combined with two different closures. The sports cap is a functional closure that opens with a simple push of a button during sports activities. The designer cap closes with a twist and exactly follows the clean lines of the bottle to achieve a beautiful match. The Vita Round is refillable and dishwasher safe. 
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Bioplastics come in many shapes and sizes, but what exactly is the difference?
Sustainability is currently the most important topic of conversation in the packaging world. Of course, it is also high on PET Power’s agenda. Market demand is growing by the day, which is something we certainly welcome! Nevertheless, a lot of companies are not clear about the difference between BioBased and Biodegradable plastics. RPC has developed a great leaflet in which the difference between the two is explained in a fun and informative way.
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It seems like a normal trade fair, but...          
The NLPackaging Event will open its doors for the first time on 19 March. This two-day networking meeting is different in every way. Inspiration is central to this unique event. Designers, marketing staff, brand owners and product developers will meet each other in an inspiring environment to come up with attractive, new developments together. PET Power will also be in attendance and we would like to invite you to our stand C19 to discover the latest developments together with us.
Using an inlay for closing is great, but which one do you choose? Inlays guarantee the user that they are the first to open the packaging and they prevent leaks in the case of a liquid product. Inlays also provide a barrier for aromas, for instance, and they can prolong the product’s shelf life. 
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cleanroom production
A Class 7 Cleanroom of over 1,200 m² in the packaging world? PET Power can offer you this. From Clinch Vials to bottles of syrup and from Media to Veral bottles. The world’s largest collection of PET bottles and containers, manufactured in a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. 
The benefits of pet
It is not a coincidence that PET is the most widely used packaging material. Most people are already familiar with the combination of brightness and the high-quality glossy look, but there are many other reasons for choosing PET. 
Free concepts to inspire you!
Coming up with new models is one of the most marvellous challenges for our designers in their profession. Their inspiration often comes from (potential) customers, but just as often from market developments, daily irritations or just knowing that improvements are possible. We will share these inspirational concepts and models with you from now on in these newsletters. Does one of the concepts appeal to you? Then we’re more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Like having your own model for a particular market or product type. Click here for more information.
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