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Round and robust, but oh so elegant…
By popular demand, we’re proud to present the newest addition to our standard PET range. We’re adding a robust 1 litre jar to our already extensive Straight Cylindrical Jar range. Despite its 14 cm height and 10 cm diameter, the 1 litre jar still retains its elegance. The characteristic sleek lines ensure that a whole variety of products will come into their own. We produce the 1 litre Straight Cylindrical Jar with the much-used 100SP400 neck finish, which can easily be combined with a multitude of standard closures. 
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In-house collaboration for growth, speed and volume 
The packaging world is expanding, and that’s certainly the case for PET Power, too. Guests who visited our factory at some time in the past can now no longer recognise it. Over the past few months, we have been working hard, in conjunction with a logistics partner, on creating a vast warehouse. With an area of >17.000 m2, spread over 7 halls and with 15 loading bays, we’re definitely talking about a gigantic project. And that’s only the beginning! The new warehouse means greater speed and more volume. A fully automatic gangway connects it to PET Power’s production facility. This means that we can now produce, pack and prepare shipments to our clients 24/7. Would you like to learn more about precisely what this new way of working means to you? Please contact your local sales representative. 
Will we be seeing you at the largest French packaging trade fair?            
Is it already two years ago that we last presented our products at the French All4pack exhibition? Time flies, and developments seem to follow one another with increasing frequency. These days we can’t imagine our range not including sustainable packaging, for instance. At our stand this year we’ll be happy to show you the possibilities that are already available to you. At PET Power itself, we’re not standing still either. During the All4pack trade fair, we’ll be proudly presenting our new French team. You’ll be most welcome at stand 7D056. We’re looking forward to discussing all the developments with you. 
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Using an inlay for closing is great, but which one do you choose? Inlays guarantee the user that they are the first to open the packaging and they prevent leaks in the case of a liquid product. Inlays also provide a barrier for aromas, for instance, and they can prolong the product’s shelf life. 
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cleanroom production
A Class 7 Cleanroom of over 1,200 m² in the packaging world? PET Power can offer you this. From Clinch Vials to bottles of syrup and from Media to Veral bottles. The world’s largest collection of PET bottles and containers, manufactured in a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. 
The benefits of pet
It is not a coincidence that PET is the most widely used packaging material. Most people are already familiar with the combination of brightness and the high-quality glossy look, but there are many other reasons for choosing PET. 
Free concepts to inspire you!
Coming up with new models is one of the most marvellous challenges for our designers in their profession. Their inspiration often comes from (potential) customers, but just as often from market developments, daily irritations or just knowing that improvements are possible. We will share these inspirational concepts and models with you from now on in these newsletters. Does one of the concepts appeal to you? Then we’re more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Like having your own model for a particular market or product type. Click here for more information.
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