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Sturdiness and elegance can really form a partnership….
It’s difficult to express the allure of our new Fat Sharp Cylindricals in a single word. Sturdy? Most certainly, with the impressive height-width ratio. Because the width is greater than the height, this model really stands out on the shop shelves. Elegant? The combination of the cylindrical form and the sleek contours of the neck is modern and refined. The 300ml and the 500ml both come with the 28SP410 neck finish. Easy to combine with very many different closures and pumps.
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CosmeticBusiness – The ultimate venue for personal care developments                     
On 6 June, CosmeticBusiness, the specialised business exhibition for personal care, opens its doors again in Munich. For two whole days the focus is on the latest trends in packaging for this inspiring industry. PET Power, too, will be there again this year along with our sister company (M&H Plastics). You’re cordially invited to our stand, A13. Familiarise yourself with our extended product families and the possibilities we can offer for your personal care products. Or perhaps you’re curious about all the 3D design options? We’re happy to talk about all of this during CosmeticBusiness. 
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Our experts are ready for you
Coming up with new models is one of the most marvellous challenges for our designers in their profession. Their inspiration often comes from (potential) customers, but just as often from market developments, daily irritations or just knowing that improvements are possible. We will share these inspirational concepts and models with you from now on in these newsletters. Does one of the concepts appeal to you? Then we’re more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Like having your own model for a particular market or product type. Click here for more information.
The benefits of PET
It is not a coincidence that PET is the most widely used packaging material. Most people are already familiar with the combination of brightness and the high-quality glossy look, but there are many other reasons for choosing PET. 
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cleanroom production
A Class 7 Cleanroom of over 1,200 m² in the packaging world? PET Power can offer you this. From Clinch Vials to bottles of syrup and from Media to Veral bottles. The world’s largest collection of PET bottles and containers, manufactured in a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. 
Create the perfect packaging with the right decoration. Each decoration is tailor-made to suit the material, shape, ingredients and look. PET Power’s decoration specialists are pleased to help you.
Fluctuating raw-material prices            
Our name already gives it away. The main raw material used by PET Power is the plastic type PET: polyethylene terephthalate. We purchase this material in bulk from a select group of suppliers with production facilities over the whole world. These suppliers offer specific types of raw material that satisfy our criteria and those of our customers. Consider, for example, the material’s intrinsic viscosity, approval for food products and compliance with pharmacopoeia directives.

The prices of raw materials result from a game of supply and demand between converters and suppliers. They are often spot market prices on a monthly basis that are established for the longer term in combination with an existing price index. There are various types of index in use, such as ICIS-LOR, Platt’s and the KI Index. Although each index differs with regard to absolute numbers, they all in essence follow the same pattern. Many people believe that the base price of crude oil determines the price of PET. This is certainly a factor, but the influence of the supply-and-demand model is greater.

Because of the desire for price stability among all parties in the retail industry chain, these parties protect themselves against sudden price fluctuations. Converters such as PET Power BV do that by signing contracts with a benchmark index and a periodic price review. Agreements are established per quarter or half year and often a bandwidth is established within which prices remain stable (usually ± 5%). Precisely the same mechanism is possible these days for Post Consumer Recycled PET (R-PET), where the pure availability of material greatly influences the prices. In the meantime, an index has been established for this as well.

The past six months, all processing parties have been faced with increasing purchase prices. It is therefore to be expected that, through the mechanism just described, sales prices will also rise. The long-term is unpredictable, so we can only hope that in future the increase will turn into a decrease, as we experienced in 2015 and the first part of 2016. If you would like to receive more information about raw materials, pricing mechanisms or particular types of raw material, please feel free to contact your local PET Power representative.
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