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How beautiful can a bottle get? 
When we say the Kronos Square 300ml has its “own shape”, we’re not exaggerating. This majestic model has four equal sides, but the diamond shape provides a totally different experience. Our designer has created a beautiful article with varying horizontal and vertical lines. The Kronos Square is finished with the widely used 24SP410 neck finish. This makes it easy to combine the bottle with a lot of standard closures, sprays or pumps. The model is a joy for every packaging designer because it’s so easy to decorate.  
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Our experts are ready for you
Coming up with new models is one of the most marvellous challenges for our designers in their profession. Their inspiration often comes from (potential) customers, but just as often from market developments, daily irritations or just knowing that improvements are possible. We will share these inspirational concepts and models with you from now on in these newsletters. Does one of the concepts appeal to you? Then we’re more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Like having your own model for a particular market or product type. Click here for more information.
The perfect PET manufacturer for both small and large quantities. PET Power has several types of machines, large and small. We will give separate recommendations for each product about which type of machine is the best for producing your product in terms of quality and price.
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The benefits of PET
It is not a coincidence that PET is the most widely used packaging material. Most people are already familiar with the combination of brightness and the high-quality glossy look, but there are many other reasons for choosing PET. 
Create the perfect packaging with the right decoration. Each decoration is tailor-made to suit the material, shape, ingredients and look. PET Power’s decoration specialists are pleased to help you. 
This film is not what you expect....
Even though we have the largest assortment of standard PET bottles and jars, PET Power does not want to be seen as a ‘standard’ packaging manufacturer. Every day we develop services and products that fully match our customers’ wishes. Packaging Your Brand! So we proudly present our new business video that, with a healthy twinkle in a Dutch eye, demonstrates what we stand for. Click here!
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