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PetPower packaging your brand
Popular because of its simplicity!
For years, the straight cylindrical jars have been an indispensable part of our product line. PET Power has three different ranges (70, 89 and 100mm) with different capacities. The complete family is now being extended with a 63mm line. In addition to the existing 400 and 450ml, 330 and 500ml versions will also be available. All these models have a 63SP400 neck finish, making them easy to combine with all kinds of standard closures and dosing caps. Read more! 
machine platforms
The perfect PET manufacturer for both small and large quantities. PET Power has several types of machines, large and small. We will give separate recommendations for each product about which type of machine is the best for producing your product in terms of quality and price.
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Are you looking for sterile packaging? PET Power will gladly help you. Our experts have longstanding experience with the world’s largest provider of sterility services. Knowledge of radiation and our own Class 7 Cleanroom; this is why PET Power is your perfect partner for your sterile packaging. Read more!
Are you looking for a product for multiple use, but with the advantages of PET?
PET Power also helps with different types of copolyester. These materials are similar to PET, but are also dishwasher safe, among other things. Want to know more? Read more!
Plastic Whale update
At Plastic Whale, they know better than anyone that you really can make a difference as an individual. What started as a vague idea has now become an official company. Because - wouldn’t it be a great idea if we all went fishing for plastic? Almost every day, a team of permanent staff members (together with volunteers) takes on the canals of Amsterdam with only one goal in mind: MAKING OUR WATERS PLASTIC-FREE! Everything caught returns as a consumer item - as a boat or ‘wasteboard’ (skateboard made from recycled products). The fleet now consists of eight boats, and Plastic Whale has its eye on other ports. Read more...
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